10 Natural Foods – The Powerhouse of Immunity










If you observe you are falling sick too often, whereas your near and dear ones are whole and hearty, the reason is your weak immunity power. Our bodies have certain levels of immunity which defend against diseases caused by micro-organisms.

Pack your diet with these 6 natural foods that increase resistance levels:

1- Water- It flushes out toxins and hydrates your skin. If you have been the victim of skin infections, water will help to prevent them. It also fights against chronic diseases like back pains and headaches.

2- Yogurt – It is rich in healthy bacteria which keep the intestinal tract and gut free from germs. A daily intake of 7 oz has been recorded to improve the immunity system. Yogurt also helps to reduce blemishes and wrinkles from our skin.

3- Garlic – It is one of the best options to escalate resistance power. Being rich in allicin, it effectively fights off bacteria and infection which causes colds. People who eat at least one clove a day are less likely to suffer from colds and/or a cough.

4- Red meats and Seafood – Zinc deficiency can lead to a poor immune system. Red meats and sea foods are rich in zinc, so you must plan to include them in your diet. A 3 oz piece of lean meat gives 30% DV for zinc.

5- Mushrooms – People around the world have resorted to mushrooms to boost their immunity levels for ages. They increase the production and activity of white blood cells which helps to cure infections quickly.

6- Brown Rice – It is high in selenium which reduces common illness like cancer, arthritis and heart disease. A cup of brown rice gives 80% of manganese, which benefits the reproductive and nervous system.

If your body is not capable of combating sicknesses, it’s time you should boost your immunity!