Anger Problem? Blame It On Junk Food

‘Why so serious?’ Anger can destroy everything. A peaceful mind gives way to logical thinking and constructive planning. Rage, anger, regret, etc. leaves you with an unhealthy heart, mind and body. A recent study has found the real cause behind rage issue – Junk food.

If a simple problem, leaves your fuming and blowing steam off your ears then check on your food. Fast, food and processed items are rich in trans-fat and sugar content. They increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. They also cause outbursts and rage, even violence to a great extent.

Our body needs a balanced source of minerals, vitamins, fiber, carbohydrate, protein etc. which make up as nutrients. The nutrients help in a proper functioning of metabolism and also maintain bouts of stress and anxiety too. So, having an increased amount of junk food items, which are already infused with hell amount of salt, sugar and oil, without even an inkling of nutrients, will obviously cause an individual to become hyperactive and stressed with every life issue!

The University of California had conducted a study recently and found that trans-fatty acids are linked with increased level of aggression and rage. This occurs because the trans-fats mess up omega 3 metabolism and omega 3 fatty acids are vital for neurons in our brain. The neurons ensure proper functioning of our brains. It is because of these neurons, we are kept happy and stress-free. When the level of neurons is hampered, every inch of happy sign is destroyed – courtesy, Trans-fatty acids!

In fact, each organ in our body is given a task to maintain different emotions. For example, our liver controls joy and also anger. The liver really works hard to breakdown food we consume. It has to work harder to breakdown the greasy and fatty items, using up almost all the energy in our body, thereby leaving us stressed and irritable. Food is linked with our mind and body. Eating something in excess, like sugar and fat leads to stress, irritation and anger.

Therefore, curb your anger, with a simple change in your diet and daily eating habits. Start with a well-balanced diet, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and nutrient packed food items. It is high time that we take care of our body, mind and soul.

Start today because it is still not late!