Bradley Cooper – Workout Regime and Daily Diet

Blue eyes and a chiselled physique are two prominent features, which make Bradley Cooper one of the most desired film celebrities all over the world. Known for his popular roles in The Hangover trilogy, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, this American actor has been the favourite of young men and women for quite some time now. It is because of his universal appeal, well-maintained body and immense female following that he was voted the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People magazine in 2011. The factors responsible for such near-perfect physique are a religiously-followed workout plan and healthy diet.

Cooper’s Workout Routine
For a perfectly-sculpted body, Bradley Cooper gives preference to 3-2-1 workouts, which are known for their quick results. This technique involves cardio workouts – three reps of 10 minutes, strength training – two reps of 10 minutes, and 10 minutes of core workouts. Instead of focussing on specific body parts, he conducts entire body workouts, which include bench press, push-ups, military press, squats, military press and planks. Cardio exercises help him in burning the excess calories and strength training amplifies the muscles.

A Balanced Diet
What complements the superb workout regime of this fit actor is a perfectly-balanced diet. He makes sure to consume a minimum of 2100 calories in a day that are vital for an average adult male. The daily diet of this actor includes five small meals, which are rich in nutritious elements like fibres and proteins. Chicken, meat, turkey and eggs fulfil his protein requirements while whey protein supplements create a balance between his exercises and diet. He stays away from junk food and alcohol, and consumes green tea and water in abundant quantities.

Following the well-planned fitness regime and healthy diet plan of Bradley Cooper, it is quite possible to attain the type of physique he flaunts.