Brighten Your Teeth

Having a dazzling white smile speaks a lot about you and your personality. People are quite obsessed with having white shinny teeth. Stain of teeth comes from having tobacco, coffee and other beverages. It does not matter how you look when you are talking or laughing, all it matters is how white and clean your teeth is. Not having proper clean and white teeth results to lack of self confidence. Even bad odor from teeth can be a problem that can evolve from unclean teeth. If cleanliness is the matter of gain, then people use a lot of methods. They go to doctors, skilling and many other ways. Why not start with simple home remedies? After all home remedies have proved to be the best through centuries with positive results always!!!

  1. The most important home remedy is to brush your teeth after every meal and drinks. Doctors always recommended brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Brushing at night has been proven to be more important than brushing in the morning. But the truth is that, most of the people are aware of this fact but they turn a deaf ear to this tip. The reason to turn a deaf ear is nothing but lethargy to do it again and again.
  2. Another remedy which may not be known to you is having Strawberries. Yes! These sweet fruits do not cause cavity instead they help you to have a shiny teeth and clean look. This tip must be great for strawberry lovers!
  3. Countries like India where people have a whole lot of knowledge about medicinal plants, herbs and so on use Charcoal to have shiny teeth. Yes! Activated carbon is known as Charcoal. Charcoal has always been used as cleansing agent for those who have cracks on the surface of the tooth.
  4. Easy way and probably for instant result go for lemons and baking soda. Take a teaspoon of lemon juice (freshly prepared) and add a pinch of salt and baking soda into your mixture and rub it on your teeth. You can also have lemons but it increases the acidity on teeth and leads to sensitive teeth.
  5. The use of acid cider also gives instant and effective results. All you got to do is try to have less amount of it because it is quite acidic.
  6.  Just having a carrot daily also can result in having shiny teeth but is it time consuming but a great way.