Cure to Itchy Eyes

The hardest and most constant working organ in the human body are the eyes. They work continuously with little rest at night, which can lead to sore and itchy eyes. Healthy living is essential for all parts of the body, including the eyes. Nutrients for the eyes come from tears, in order to have good nutrition for your eyes you need to have enough water or lubrication to combat the problems like tiredness of eyes. Even when we are asleep our eyes are still moving. Nourishing your eyes should be a concern to prevent dry and itchy eyes.
Dry eyes cannot be healed completely; only proper measures can lower the chances of dry eyes. The main reason for dry eyes is the lack of moisture. To avoid evaporation of moisture preventative steps can be taken.

The remedies for curing dry eyes:

1. Stop exposing your eyes to direct heat generating sources like car heaters, air conditioners, and hair dryers. They tend to completely absorb the moisture made in your eyes making them dry.

2. Sunglasses are extremely important when outdoors. When swimming, it is also very important to not swim without swimming goggles as to not dry out your eyes.

3. Make sure that your room is not too dry. The use of a humidifier can be extremely helpful. The humidity content should be around 30 to 50 percent. During winter always use a humidifier. You can also use special glasses which makes your eyes humid as it forms some kind of moisture films or chamber around your eyes.

4. Try not to spend prolonged periods in front of the television or reading as it can strain and dry out your eyes.

5. Try to blink as often as possible. Make it a habit of not looking into something straight for a very long time without blinking. Blinking often helps to spread tears more often.

6. Do not rub or press hard on your eyes.

7. A doctor can prescribe medicated solutions or eye drops which help with eye lubrication.

8. Try to avoid excessive iodine consumption which is not good for your eyes.