Exercises To Curb Double Chin

Has anybody called you turkey neck? Well, I was called that once but not anymore. Turkey neck means double chin. I was taunted so bad that Thanksgiving was more like a day of Cursegiving. Well cursing others will not make your double chin disappear right?!

What will then?

Exercise and healthy eating habits, will not only make your double chin go for an eternal holiday but also ensure a good health too. I know many, who have taken the shortcut. They went under the knife and got rid of their turkey necks. Have money, spend it but if you have sense – Then avoid surgery!

Here are some exercises that will help you reduce your chin fat or get rid of double chin –

  • Sit, with your back and shoulders straight. Lift your chin and use your tongue to touch your palate or roof of your mouth. While doing so, press your tongue on the roof for 10 seconds. This helps in muscle contraction and shortening of the same
  • Next one is muscle building in your chin. You can either sit or stand but do so in a relaxed manner. In the relaxed posture open your mouth and in a wide manner. With your mouth opened really wide, stick out your tongue, as if you want it to leave your mouth (it is just an expression, please don’t take it literally) Do it for at least 5 – 10 times. In no time soon, you will feel the tightening of your neck and chin muscles
  • The best exercise is a fun one. Chew a gum. Yes, chewing gum on a regular basis will act as an exercising routine for your mouth and chin muscle. This is effective because the muscles that help in chewing are the same muscles that hold your chin. So, if you have a double chin and chew gum on a daily basis, you are actually exercising the chin muscle. A small note though – do not chew sugar based gums

Follow these methods and more, and start enjoying Thanksgiving again because the turkey will be on your plate and not your chin!