Flu-Free? Here’s How You Can Be


Why should anyone like the flu? You have a scratchy and sore throat, stuffy nose, headache and you continuously cough. These are the basic symptoms and signs of a cold or flu. It is amongst the most common and popular infectious diseases of today. We catch a cold or have flu because of virus infection that on our upper respiratory system. This infection soon spreads and enters our body via fluids in the form of tiny beads – cough, sneeze and even a kiss!

Boosting your immune system can prevent the situation from getting further aggravated. Here are ways you can mellow the condition or even prevent it all together:

  • Washing hands: This is the most common and obvious step of preventing the catching of flu or cold. Germs cause the disease and germs are spread mostly through our hands. We use our hands to cover our mouth when coughing, sneezing or yawning. Therefore, it is important to wash your hands on a regular basis or best use tissues when coughing or sneezing. Use medicated soaps or liquid soaps to wash your hands.
  • Tissue use: Tissues are the best tools for reducing the spread of germs or preventing it to enter our body. Use them when sneezing or coughing and the fact that you can throw the tissues, there will not be any presence of germs.
  • Fluid intake: Drinking a lot of fluids is important for overall healthy living. Drinking a lot of fluids is a must deal, when you have a cold. Fluids aid in flushing out the flu or cold from your system. Drink herbal tea, juice, water, broth, lemon water, accompanied with honey and more. Don’t drink alcohol, sodas and caffeinated drinks during this time.
  • Eat foods that are loaded with nutrients: Flu or cold is caused because of weak immune system. It is therefore, highly important to make sure your body is strengthened from within, which is possible through nutrient enriched food intake, for example, vegetables, juices, fruits etc.
  • Rest and sleep well: When you have the flu, you simply feel weak and drowsy. It is important to get a good amount of sleep. Lack of sleep increases the development of cold. Good amount of sleep can help you recover from flu or cold soon. Again this is something that is essential for healthy living.

These are some of the most important and obvious methods through which, you can prevent the aggravation of flu or cold. Apart from these, you can try having a hot bowl of chicken soup, ginger tea, etc.