Habits That Cause Weight Gain








There is no magic spell or potion for weight loss. It is all about sheer hard work and determination that will help you shed the extra pounds and boost your overall health. In spite of knowing all these facts of weight loss, we tend to make a few mistakes or unknowingly do things that cause weight gain.

It’s time to recognize those mistakes and let your hard-work bear positive (weight loss) results!

  • Don’t go by the exact ‘weight measurements’. Leave at least 2 decimal places and then work on losing that amount of weight. This helps in making your goal achievable, leaving you more motivated and zealous than before. Avoid weighing yourself every day, instead do it on a weekly basis. Set a goal for yourself, e.g. lose 10 pounds within this year!
  • Many of us (who are working hard to shed those extra pounds) drink low fat milk. A study conducted amongst kids, proved that those who drank skimmed milk gained weight more than kids who drank at least 2 percent of full-fat milk. The fact is in the link, which is, high fat content in milk lowers the BMI (body mass index). Milk fat is good, as it causes us to feel full and prevents us from consuming more calories in the process.
  • If you are going to eat out at restaurants, do so with slow eaters. This is important for those who are in the process of weight loss. Slow eaters will keep your eating right in pace which is not the case with fast eaters. Eating slow will prevent overeating because you are allowing your body time to digest faster and know when you are actually full.

So, next time you hurry up on a bowl of cereal or step on a weight scale, think twice. These little habits only pile up a huge amount of calories and fat in your body. It is high time; you nip the problem at the bud and work towards achieving your target weight!