Health Benefits Of Chilies

If you love Mexican or Indian cuisine, then you will definitely love to know that chilies have a great source of nutrients. Many of us are unaware of this fact, but chilies have lots to offer and also prevent various health conditions too. Chilies contain a chemical component, known as, Capsaicin. This component provides the intense heat in chilies. Apart from this, capsaicin also provides nutritional benefits to our health.

Positive components of Capsaicin

  • Reduces inflammation – Chilies aid in reducing inflammation, especially, when it is in association with arthritis. They are an effective source of pain reliever. All this is possible capsaicin.


  • Decreases cardiovascular disease risks – Chilies, peppers, cayenne etc. are sources that help in reducing the level of triglyceride and cholesterol.


  • Enhances digestive system – Though health professionals blame chilies and peppers for stomach ulcers and reflux, research and studies have found that chilies help in reducing stomach ulcers because of cayenne content. Cayenne aids in hydrochloric acid production and this is important in the process of digestion and easement of ulcers and aches in our stomach. Chilies also reduce bloating and gas.


  • Enhances bone health – Chilies also contain a great source of calcium and calcium is a vital nutrient that ensures the maintenance of strength and health of our teeth and bones.


  • Helps in decreasing the level of blood sugar – Consumption of chilies help people who are obese or diagnosed with diabetes.


  • Prevents prostate cancer – A research has shown, capsaicin, a vital component found in chilies that aid in the prevention of prostate cancer.


  • Boosts blood circulation – Chilies are called circulation boosters and also thinners that protects people against strokes. If you eat them on a regular basis, you will surely develop your overall health.


  • Helps the process of fat reduction – The best thing about eating chilies is that they reduce the level of fibrin in our blood and lowers blood clotting conditions. This lowers the level of cholesterol and increase the level of fat burning. Chilies are thermogenic compounds that help in the increase of metabolic rate. Metabolic rate when increased help in fat burning.


So, next time do not fear chilies. Have them for health reasons (but do keep a glass of water and do not overdo on the consumption level)