Myths develop due to us. If some people say something then the receiver says something else and when the word spreads, new information generates, just like the game of Chinese whisper. For millions of years people have come across many changes and for every change or custom evolved a myth. For example consider the goodness of milk. People have always said that if you have a cup of milk, you have consumed all the required nutrients. But the truth is that milk does not contain iron and so it must be taken as a supplement as iron is very important for health. For similar myths, many unhealthy products have been claimed to be very healthy and mandatory or you. Ultimately all it does is kills you silently. So it is better you know more about food habits and then decide.

Here are some examples of popular myths for healthy food which are actually not good for your health:

  • Bars: energy bars are in fashion. Some say that having an energy bar gives you energy and makes you stay away from hunger. Some claim that they are rich in fiber or protein is some other nutrient. The truth is this that the bars are filled with added nutrients and there is nothing except these added nutrients. Some add a little glucose for giving you energy. So this is what you should do. To have nutrients have it from the direct sources like apple, cheese, a health drink and so on and so forth.
  • Smoothies: the name itself makes your mouth water. People love to have smoothies from stores. Well the myth is that people say that having a smoothie is great as they contain fruits well this is true but it is not so great. The reason behind this is that a smoothie has more calories than your hamburger. A large smoothie has about 600 to 1200 calories. Shocking!!! So replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Nut butters: processed nut butters also known as Trans butter and so on claims to have low fat content and promises no excess fat gain. But the truth is processed nut butters do have low fat but have more salt content which is also a great reason behind fat gain.
  • Frozen Yoghurt: people prefer to have frozen yoghurt than ice creams just because they are good and tasty the truth is frozen yoghurts have lot more sugar and fat present.