Heart Attack Symptoms in Women



Heart attack symptoms are not same between men and women. In fact, women in many cases do not experience the classic symptoms, like, chest ache that drives down the left arm, sweating, etc. Many women might experience the common symptoms, but most of them get to experience different feelings. Some of the symptoms are silent in nature too, which is quite a dangerous situation.

Women can take heed of the following and learn about the symptoms that their gender experience during a heart attack:


-        Chest ache or discomfort felt in the chest. Women may be confused when the pain strikes their jaw or back and not the usual chest and arm. It can be a sudden or gradual ache and its intensity can increase after gradual decrease. Chest pain is amongst the most common of all heart attack symptoms. However, women will not experience it in the same manner as men. Then feeling might be like fullness or squeezing in the chest and the location of the ache can be in any part of the chest.

-        Stomach ache is another symptom that women might experience, if they are having a heart attack. Many a times, stomach pains are overlooked as heart attack symptoms and considered to be just heartburn, ulcer or flu. Women might feel a severe and intense pressure in their abdomen too.

-        Fatigue is another symptom experienced by women during a heart attack. There are many women who feel quite exhausted and tired, when they are getting an attack, especially on their chest, they experience the tiredness. Some even become incapable of doing regular activities, like even walking.

-        Sweating or breaking out into cold sweat is yet another symptom of heart attack that is experienced by women. You might think that it is out of stress or pressure but it is always best to seek assistance from a healthcare professional immediately.

-        Shortness of breath, lightheadedness or nausea is amongst the heart attack symptoms that women experience.

Women are different from men in many ways. But when it comes to precaution, the options are same. A healthy heart can only be assured, if both men and women follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise on a regular basis!