How To Boost Your Metabolism









Metabolism is the gear that moves your ‘weight loss’ car. It means, metabolic rate – if increased, will ensure successful weight loss and calorie burn. Many individuals who are finding it really difficult to lose weight or get into shape should evaluate their workout routine and eating habits. Minor errors will disrupt your metabolism, which will further cause a hurdle in the path of your weight loss!

The biggest point to remember is never to skip any meal, especially breakfast. Morning food intake boosts the process of calorie burn and maintains the same throughout the day. Those desperate to lose weight often adopt different diet plans and take advice from everyone and anyone. While doing so, many simply crash diet. Crash dieting decreases metabolism. High metabolism should be your target for achievement.

-  Start by eating right and counting the calories. Metabolism is nothing but a chemical process, which helps in the conversion of food into fuel or energy. Check out your BMR or basal metabolic rate. Know the number and eat the required amount of calories for weight maintenance.

-  Increase the intensity of your workout sessions, whether walking, running or simply dancing. Take intervals of 30 seconds in between and then bring the speed to its normal level. This process aids you in breathing in more oxygen and ensures that mitochondria gets boosted by the cells to burn more energy in the process.

-  Get fishy – literally – fish contains a high level of omega – 3 fatty acids, especially tuna, herring and salmon. Adding fish in your daily diet will boost metabolism, reduce inflammation and balance the level of blood sugar.

-  Have green tea. Green tea contains polyphenols – antioxidants, as well as, catechin, which is an active ingredient that helps in enhancing metabolism. Instead of drinking coffee or regular tea, opt for green tea, as the catechins present in it, helps in improving thermogenesis and fat oxidation.

Whatever you do and eat, try waking up early in the morning and cranking out your workout routine. Eat a good and nutritious breakfast and stay fit for the rest of the day!