How To Choose Your Ideal Fitness Regime










Your neighborhood gym does not seem to provide the right motivation anymore. You have started to loathe the regime you have been subjected to which failed to give you the desired results. Your abs are not what you want them to be, and you need to tuck that undisciplined tummy in as it refuses to be tamed by your unending fitness schedule. Well, it’s time then to de-stress, rethink your workout schedule and find one that fits you.

The first thing in order to work out the perfect schedule for yourself is to know what you want. Every workout will be less ‘work’ and more ‘work out’ if you do what you like the best. Working out in the gym may be what drives your friends but you may like beating the fat in the open air more. So probably a jog in your neighborhood parks or a swim in the pool nearby may be the right choice for you. Enjoying what you do is the best way to make things work for you. Also, when you choose your own stuff to work out with, there are two things that often help you make that choice. One, it fits your lifestyle and second, it suits your heart. Both of these go a long way in ensuring that you like to stick around with them for a long time.

Prior to choosing your regime, it is important that you keep away your previous trophies and accolades from your line of view. You may have been the best player in your campus, but that was probably ages ago. Judge your current fitness level. The calories you have stored in you thanks to the burgers, fries and pizza you have munched at team meetings have finally taken a toll on you. You may no longer be as active and agile as you once were. Give your body time to adjust to your schedule and ramp up speed gradually.

An ideal exercise regime should include an intelligent mix of aerobics, strength training and balancing exercises. However, it is best to decide on your regime depending on your goals. You are the master of your body. Go ahead and plan your schedule based on your limitations, preference and priorities. Wow the world with a healthy and fit body!