How To Control Your Appetite

Getting success in a weight loss process requires more than just an hour of exercise and balanced diet. The battle is half won until you work-up your brain. It is ‘up’ there that ensures a success or failure out of a weight loss regime. Our appetite and cravings are triggered by our brain cells, which signal our stomach to give us a ‘direct hunger call’. Curbing or controlling our appetite and cravings is the first step towards adopting a healthy lifestyle. Many have succumbed to it, and simply gave up on their weight loss and maintenance program. Some left the process half done!

Hunger pangs hit you at odd times and hours. Sometimes early mornings and at times, late at night. Before we get to the real deal, the first thing everyone should do, in order to follow a path of discipline and passion is – change your mindset!

-Eat various foods all throughout the day, from fruits, health bars, to whole grain breads and dried fruits. Fruits will satisfy your cravings for sugar, whereas, wholegrain foods, your overall hunger pangs.

-Create a meal plan that concentrates on fiber enriched food items, from wholegrain, lean meats, and vegetables to low fat dairy products. Fiber enriched foods help keep us full longer and also aids in the elimination of cravings.

-Plan out 5 – 6 mini meals for the entire day. Each meal should consist of small sized portions. These meals will control your appetite and also curb your cravings.

-Another trick to control appetite is to chew your food really slowly. I follow it and it works like magic. Don’t eat like a cow, but chew like one! This allows your stomach enough time to signal to your brain that it is completely full. Slow chewing also boosts the digestion process.

-Drink a lot of water and healthy fluids, such as, fresh fruit and vegetable juice, herbal tea etc. This way your stomach will be full and get a cleansing session too.

-If hunger strikes, chew on healthy foods such as, nuts, raisins, celery sticks, cucumber, carrots, or even have a bowl of popcorn instead of fries, pizza etc.

These are simple tricks and tips that are tried and tested. Try them yourself and feel the difference, both in your stomach and your overall body!