How To Relieve Stress From Hands

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” I grew up singing this happy song. But today, when I’m all grown and filled with work, pressure and responsibilities, I yearn to sing this song. Why? Hand stress. If you have a writing or office job like me or you use your hands a lot to do chores then you will understand the value of hand relaxation.

If you work with your hands all day long, it is important to take out few minutes and relieve tension from your hands. This will help in the promotion of blood circulation and also reduce cramps and stretch your wrist tendons. Exercising and relaxing your hands, will actually prevent wrist conditions, like, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Here are few exercises that will help you relieve stress from your hands.

-        Fist exercise. Raise your arms and elbows at a shoulder height, keeping your palms at the ear level. Once in this position, create a fist and contract for few seconds. After few seconds, open your fingers and spread them, thereby, stretching them, as wide as possible. Continue this for at least 10 times. This will increase blood circulation and relieve stress from your wrist and fingers.

-        Double wrist form of rotations. Clasp hands right in front and hold them below the level of your chest. Once in this position, rotate hands that in a clockwise position and do it for at least 10 times. After the 10th time, reverse and rotate anti-clockwise manner. Doing this hand exercise will provide relieve to stress and tension from your hands.

-        Use a stress ball. A stress ball is not only best to relieve stress but also tension from your hands.

-        Hand pushes. Push your hands against a wall or hard surface. Think of pushing a wall or something. The force will enhance the level of circulation in your hands and help relieve stress.

These are few methods to relieve tension and stress from your hands. Taking out few minutes every day can do a lot for your hands and wrists.