Hugh Jackman – The Mutant Workout

With Adamantium claws and fast healing powers, the Wolverine is “the best at what he does”, and Hugh Jackman has adapted to the role perfectly by shredding those extra fats and unleashing his ripped muscles. Though, Jackman has proved that you do not need a superhuman body for that; just consistent hard work and clean eating is enough. From a once-lean athletic guy who sniggered at guys lifting weights while working at the front desk of a gymnasium ironically has metamorphosed into the status of an uber male character. It all changed when he bagged the role of Wolverine and started working out with David Kingsbury, a former MMA fighter.

The Workout Regime
The trainer recalls that Jackman was not involved in much direct strength work prior to training with him. There was a time when the actor could not even dead lift 500 pounds.

Kingsbury’s training style involved big lifts, high-intensity cardio and twice-daily sessions. Starting with low, 1-5 rep work that stimulates the myofibril hypertrophy, the day’s training ended with higher rep schemes to encourage sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. They trained together rep for rep from early in the morning and worked long days. Some of the days, they slept for only five or six hours. The result of the hard work – a bigger and more vascular body.

The Diet
The actor, as advised by Kingsbury, followed one nutrition principle throughout the session that is carb cycling – high carb on weight training days and low carb on rest of the days. The meals consisted of eggs, oatmeals, green vegetables and protein-rich food.

There is no secret or shortcut to acquire such a physique, as flaunted by Jackman, in a few radical steps. If you want it, be ready to be at that level of consistency, giving nutrition and training a priority.