Is Canola Oil Really Healthy?

What is canola oil? Where does it come from? Relax about the oil question. Canola oil originates from canola seeds… easy breezy answer huh! But the real concern is not its origin but the fact – Is canola oil healthy? Today, brand ‘healthy heart oil’ is ruling the market. More and more health experts and even cooking gurus are using canola oil. It is the healthiest of all cooking oils. The facts prove it.

Fat content in oils

  • Sunflower oil – 12%
  • Olive oil – 15%
  • Corn oil – 13%
  • Canola oil only 7%

Canola oil is a good source of omega 6 fatty acid. It is high in omega 3 fatty acid alpha linolenic acid content, and also linolenic acid. Experts suggest, 1 tablespoons of canola oil used on a daily basis, will aid in the reduction of coronary heart disease risk because of the content of unsaturated fat.

You might have come across news and information regarding Canola oil that it contains toxic substances because it is made from rapeseed plant. The toxic content leads to major ailments, like distress and blindness. However, it is not true. Canola oil is obviously made from canola seed, which contains a good level of erucic acid, which is below the standards of FDA.

Canola oil is more heart friendly than regular vegetable oil. However, do keep in mind to when selecting from amongst brands of canola oil. It contains a very high level of plant sterols. These help in reducing risks of different heart diseases. Calorie content in Canola oil is high, but that of only good fats. It also contains a good amount of Vitamin E, which is an essential anti-oxidant and it helps in the maintenance of integrity of cell membrane that of mucus members and also assists in protecting them from oxygen-free radicals, which are harmful.

With so many healthy facts about canola oil, it will be only obvious to choose it as your cooking oil for good reasons!