Is Chewing Gum A Good Habit?










I remember chewing gum at school when my teacher called me a cow. Well, back then chewing gum made kids look cool (or at least we thought so). We didn’t really know the facts about chewing gum. Now, when I read more and more about chewing gums, I realize there are reasons behind chewing gum. Chewing gums that contain sugar will only cause cavities and other dental problems. But not those that are sugar-less. Chew gums that are sweetened with ingredients like, xylitol.

Sugar-free chewing gums – in fact – help in cleaning the teeth. If you chew these gums after a meal, you will simply be rinsing off and neutralizing the acids in your mouth, which will further help in fighting bacteria that harm the tooth enamel. Chew sugar-free gum and you will keep your mouth and teeth clean.

As mentioned above, sugar-free chewing gums are sweetened with components like, xylitol – which helps in the inhibition of Streptococcus mutan growth. These are cavity causing bacteria. Xylitol causes the bacteria to weaken and prevents them from causing cavities.

Well, these are the benefits of chewing sugar-free gums, but there are few cons too. Those who have jaw aches or are diagnosed with temporomandibular disorder should not chew gum at all. In fact, these individuals should pay a visit to their dentist immediately.

Other than the dental aspects, chewing gum also helps in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and depression levels. But at the same time, those who chew a lot of gum are prone to smoking.

The bottom line is … chewing sugar-free gum will not cause any major health issues. In fact, it will help you exercise your facial muscle and strengthen your gums!