Jason Statham – The non-expendable workout

What is that keeps Jason Statham kicking(well, both metaphorically and literally)? This lean, mean and unstoppable fighting machine works out 6 times a week with 1 day of rest to get into the incredible physical condition that defines him. The real magic behind Statham’s physical strength is, of course, emphasis on the real. As he aptly puts it, “…muscles are just for looking good, what is important is the practical strength…”. Statham’s no nonsensical attitude towards training has its own reward as it can be seen from his growing popularity in the action arena. How to get those ripped muscles and a fighting endurance? Take a look at the workout and diet pattern of the actor below.

The Workout Plan
There are two training rules that he religiously follows throughout his weekly sessions:

  • He never does the same type of workout twice
  • He records everything to track his progress

All his workouts involve little or no equipment. Starting with day one he would do rowing exercises, deadlifts, push ups, and aerial flips and twist on a gymnastic trampoline. On day two Statham completes 55 reps of different exercise methods. Day three, kettlebells and row machines are used for workout. On day four, Jason’s workout is composed of bodyweight squats, front squat with Olympic bar and push ups using a “ladder” set style. He completes one set of 11 exercises with as little rest as possible on day five. Day six involves any kind of sport or physical activity like trail running, etc. The final day, i.e. day 7, is a rest day.

The Nutrition Plan
Keeping his diet simple he sticks to the following simple commandments of his own:

  • Maintain the daily calorie intake below 2000
  • No refined sugar or flour at all and no fruit juices
  • No alcohol
  • Make a record of everything swallowed, including water

He eats six meals a day that includes egg whites, vegetables, lean meats, fish, nuts and protein shakes.