Migraine Management – Effective Ways


If you are prone to suffer from headaches and migraines, there are many ways to help keep migraines at bay. You are not alone, many people experience migraines. In fact, 10% of the US population suffers from headaches and migraines, which are further accompanied with vomiting, nausea, stiff neck and disturbances in vision. There are medications to overcome the issue and help in relieving the symptoms but there aren’t any long-term for migraines. However, changes in lifestyle and diet can definitely lower the severity of the situation to a great extent. Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is very important when trying to prevent migraines.

Here is how you can combat or reduce occurrence of a migraine

Maintain a diary and determine when the migraine triggers. Try to understand its pattern of emergence. Common triggers are inclusive of smoking, sleep pattern changes, strenuous exercises, dental ailments, neck and head ache etc.

The next thing to do is control your blood sugar level. This is important because a drop in the level of your blood sugar can trigger migraine, as it leads to the release of glucose in our bloodstream that ultimately causes blood pressure level to rise. Therefore, make sure to eat on a regular basis, especially after every 3 hours. Opt for food items that contain low level of Glycaemic index, for example, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, yogurt etc.

The next step is to chew raw ginger, because it can help in easing digestive issues and nausea, which are linked to migraine trigger. Ginger is known to block prostaglandins effects, which is a substance that causes blood vessel inflammation in our brain, which ultimately leads to the triggering of migraine.

Control the intake of caffeine because too much of it leads to the brain’s surrounding blood vessel to become highly limited. This leads to the development of migraine. Another thing you can do to combat migraines is to control the consumption or avoid completely food items that contain food additives. Food additives, which are mostly found in canned meats, parmesan cheese, artificial sweeteners, aerated drinks, wine, sweets etc., can affect those who are sensitive to them.

There are many other methods to overcome or reduce the triggering of migraine, but the most beneficial of all is the consumption of water. Migraine is most commonly caused by dehydration. The brain is surrounded by tissues, which are composed mostly of water. They shrink once they start losing fluid and this results into the development of aches and irritation. Thus, drink plenty amount of water and remain hydrated!