Natural Solutions to Insomnia


If you cannot help, but experience a ‘graveyard shift’ and feel nothing less than an owl, then you are definitely suffering from insomnia – a sleep disorder. Having insomnia means having difficulties in sleeping. There are medications available but with few changes in one’s lifestyle and habits, this disorder can take a hike for good!

Insomnia has a bad impact on our health. Those suffering from it are susceptible to getting diagnosed with depression, heart diseases etc. Such individuals have high chances of meeting with accidents at home, on the road or even on the job. Sleep experts have found many tried and tested remedies to cure insomnia, though this particular disorder is the least understood one.

Get comfortable and try getting some sleep. If you have a comfortable bed or the right pillows, sleep will seduce you. Insomnia is often caused because of waking up frequently because of discomfort. The best thing to do is sleep in a quiet room or you can wear earplugs. To develop the ideal environment for sleep, try opting for a room that is quiet, cool, comfortable and dark. You must reserve this room for sleeping only and avoid watching TV, eating or working in this room.

Caffeine and alcohol both have properties that affect sleep. Caffeine stimulates our brain and prevents us from dosing off. Whereas alcohol though makes us feel drowsy, creates discomfort later on at night, like stomach aches, headache, full bladder etc. Therefore, try not to drink coffee at night and lower the level of alcohol consumption.

Discipline and routine helps in combating insomnia and other sleeping issues. Maintain a schedule and stick to it, this will help you not only with insomnia, but also with healthy living as a whole. It should be a strong sleep-wake-up schedule. Follow it religiously, even during weekends. An adult needs at least 7 hours sleep. Try getting only 7 hours sleep. But in between the day, you can take 5 to 10 minutes nap. Follow this schedule for few days and feel the difference.

Another tried and tested method that will help you get good sleep is to walk for at least 10 minutes before going to sleep.

These methods can only prove to be successful, if you feel like doing it. Nothing can stop you, if you are determined!

Till then have a goodnight’s sleep!