Hot and Healthy Main Course Food

Snacks are made which are healthy yet tasty. But the challenge comes when you have to make your main course healthy. You have to drive of all the germs and put in the nutrients your body needs. Yes vegetables are very important and so are protein foods. But how you cook and what proportions you take is the most important matter of concern. So here are some main course foods that are healthy and nutritious. So go ahead and learn them and try to implement in your kitchen.

Spinach Pulses

Make a paste of 1. 3 garlic cloves    2. 2 green chilies    3. Some ginger cut out    4. Quarter cup split green gram   5. Half chopped onion   6.  Half teaspoon cumin seeds     7. ¾ cup chopped spinach    8. Dried mango powder   9. Half cup chopped tomato   10. Turmeric powder    11. Oil and salt

Method to cook:

Heat 4 teaspoon oil and add onion and cumin seeds. Fry till becomes brown in color. Now add the cooked pulses, spinach, lime powder, tomato, and turmeric, salt and boil it for 5 minutes under low flame. Total it will take 25 minutes to cook and then serve it hot. Since it s spinach, it has good amount of protein in it. The garlic is said to have medicinal properties too which fights bacterial problems specially.

Black bean filled sweet potato


  1. 2 medium sweet potato   2. Some black beans rinsed well   3. One medium tomato cubed   4. 2 teaspoon extra virgin oil     5. Half teaspoon grounded cumin   6.  Some coriander leaves or powdered coriander   7. ¼ teaspoon salt    8. 2 tablespoon reduced fat sour cream   9. 2 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro.

Method to cook:

You will need a microwave to cook this recipe. First prick the sweet potatoes with the help of a fork in many places. Now put it in the Microwave Oven for about 12 to 15 minutes. While it is in the microwave, take a microwave safe bowl and mix up beans, tomato, oil, salt, coriander. Once you are done with this put it also in to the microwave oven for only a couple of minutes. When both of them are done just wait until they are cool. Once they have cooled down, slash each of the sweet potato according to your desired length. Make a opening and fill it in with bean mixture. Now you can garnish it with a spoon of sour cream or garnish it with some amount of cilantro.