Paul Wesley Workout Regime and Diet

Who needs an introduction of Paul Wesley – the famous television heartthrob, model and director? Best known for his recurring role as Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, this actor has achieved popularity for his brooding looks and chiselled physique. The timeless style quotient and perfectly-sculpted body of this handsome TV star have become quite a rage amongst teenagers and youngsters, who want to achieve similar looks. So, what is it that keeps Paul in shape and blesses him with an athletic build with six-pack abs? This is a secret that men all over the world want to know. Although, every person is unique in terms of body type and metabolism, there are a few common points, which help everyone in achieving the fitness goal for a healthy body.

How Paul Works Out?
The role played by Paul Wesley demands a resilient body as he is supposed to perform some quick stunts at times. According to him, the secret behind his fit body lies in a proper exercise plan, which involves a combo of cardio workouts and strength training. He gives 30 minutes to strength training, thrice a week, as it is the reason behind his slender built with elevated muscles. It perfectly highlights his muscles while burning the unnecessary fats.

His favourite cardio activities are running and swimming, which are known to burn the body fats faster as compared to any other physical activity. For such exercises, he gives preference to intensity rather than reps. He makes sure that he does cardio exercises without fail for 20 minutes, three times a week. Apart from regular workouts, Paul indulges in outdoor activities and meditation for achieving complete fitness.

Paul’s Balanced Diet
A perfect fitness regime stays incomplete without a balanced diet. Paul understands this quite well and consumes a healthy diet composed of essential nutrients. He takes multiple small meals at regular intervals and eats protein or low carb snacks after every three hours. While proteins help him avoid the hunger pangs and amplify the muscles, low carbs save him from inflammatory body reactions. Junk foods, alcohol, energy drinks and sweetened juices are off the diet chart of this handsome hunk.

If you are quite interested in achieving a perfect athletic built like Paul Wesley has, then following the aforementioned fitness and diet plan seems to be a great idea.