Positive Steps to Combat Depression and Stress


We are living in an era of rush, chaos, stress and a negative bubble, which can burst any moment and destroy our mental and physical health altogether. Most health conditions and diseases are linked to stress. When we know it all, why do we still take stress? Well that is a good question. Instead of thinking over it all and racking our mind, let’s learn about ways to overcome depression and stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle… some positive steps to begin with!

Exercise is the number one step to combating pressure from our lives. It is a proven theory that exercise aids in the production chemicals like endorphins, which further helps in the curing of fatigue. The number 2 step is undergoing a stress management program. The programs are usually inclusive of strategies like, yoga, meditation, progressive force of relaxation, napping and guided imagery. These methods help in coping up with the ups and downs of life. As long as you are 100% committed to any of the above mentioned methods, and practice it, you will experience a stress-free life.

The third step is all about communication. Talking about your issues with someone you trust, he/she can be a friend, neighbor, colleague, spouse or any family member. Once you let it out to your beloved ones, you will feel light and also get a chance to change your mood to positivity. The 4th step is a vital one and every one of us should make sure to follow it. It is about becoming active. Try to do some activity and commit to it at least once a week. You will feel uplifted, motivated and ever confident!

The next step is a tried and tested one. It is about penning down your feelings, experiences and situations in a journal. Emotions flow well when you start writing them down. Writing helps in releasing all the negative thinking and thoughts from within you. Humility can also assist you in overcoming stress. Help someone in need or do some volunteering work. This will assist you in boosting your self-esteem and in the process, enabling you to feel super charged!