Spices with Health Properties


When we say spice the first thing that comes in our mind is Mexican or Indian food. Many of us also stay clear of these cuisines because of their ‘heat’ level. However, it is a total misconception that spicy food always has to be super-hot. Here we are going to talk about spices, herbs and seasonings and their many health benefits. The spices, herbs and seasonings do not play the role of taste enhancers only. They contain health components too.

Sage is one herb that aids in boosting memory power. We use it in pastas, soups and similar recipes. Then there is peppermint. This is more than just an herb. It aids in the process of indigestion to even insulin regulation. Peppermint as per studies helps in easing intestinal distress and discomfort. Mint, in fact, activates and boosts anti-pain mechanism, which helps in relieving inflammation developing in gastrointestinal tract. Have it in the form of a candy, capsule or drink it after infusing it in a cup of tea and feel the difference in no time soon!

Who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon? It brings back the feeling of Christmas. Well, this exotic and ‘holiday’ spice offers a lot of health benefits. Have a teaspoon of cinnamon on a daily basis, as it helps in lowering of blood sugar levels. It controls diabetes, and also prevents the diagnosis of the same in those who do are not diagnosed with diabetes. Another exotic and flavorful spice that smells divine is nutmeg. It contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Thyme is another herb that contains antioxidants. These properties aid in the elevation of respiratory ailments, such as bronchitis and help you to breathe easy, especially, when you are sick. If you happen to have or are suffering from stomach problems then the best spice would be anise. This beautiful, star shaped spice aids in the relaxation of gastrointestinal muscles. Finally, we have cloves. These contain the highest level of antioxidants.

Now that you know which spices, herbs and seasonings offer what, use them in different cuisines, and get a taste of heath!