Stress Relieving Nutrients

The era we live in is filled with pressure, deadlines, tight-schedules and tension. Living within so much exertion, will definitely leave us stressed out. In fact, today stress has become our best friend because it is always there with us!

Relieving stress is easy – listen to music, watch a movie, go for a massage or spa treatment etc. but it is temporary. Relieving stress for a prolonged period seems to be impossible. How much music can you hear, how many movies can you watch or can you spend for spa treatments every day?

No, right!

The ultimate solution to relieving stress for a long period is to enrich our body with elements that will fight off stress, pressure and anxiety.

Nutrients that will help fight stress

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Choline

Vitamin E helps in combating stress and also enhances our physical strength to strike back at stressful situations. It works together with selenium in fact and helps us to acquire a positive attitude and develop our brain’s calm contours. You can ensure the increase of vitamin A in your body by eating broccoli, almonds and mangoes and for selenium, have lots of seafood and nuts.

Vitamin A also is an important nutrient for combating stress. We get stressed either for over-pressure or lack of energy. It is in these situations that vitamin A aids in detoxifying our body and ridding it off all toxic elements. Introduce a lot of milk, vegetables like spinach and carrots, fruits like, apricots and eggs in your regular diet, in order to increase the level of vitamin A in your body.

Next up is zinc. Zinc helps in increasing our ability to resist stress and fight it off too. When we get stressed, our entire body, as well as, mental stamina gets drained out. It is more like a vicious cycle and zinc helps in destroying the viscous cycle once and for all (given that you increase a lot of food items that are enriched with zinc mineral, for example, milk and cheese.)

The final nutrient that will help you in getting relief from stress is choline. Yes, the name does not sound familiar, unlike other nutrients but choline is equally important. It helps us to enhance our rational thinking prowess. You can find choline in lentils, eggs and tomatoes.

Plan a diet that contains all the above nutrients and create a shield in your body that will protect you from stress, pressure, chaos and mental havoc!