Sylvester Stallone – From Rocky to Rambo

Those who have watched films like Rocky or Rambo are surely inspired by the well-maintained physique of Sylvester Stallone and his sheer determination to achieve the same. It is also an example of the fact that it is never too late to workout and get in shape. Stallone was 30 years of age when he made the first Rocky movie, and in a few years, his ripped muscles became a thing of legend. The actor reveals that the best way to lose weight and stay healthy is to follow a balanced nutritional diet and regular exercises. In brief, the secret to his fitness level is fast-pace workouts, a high protein diet and HGH/testosterone treatments.

The Workout Regime
Though the training sessions for Rocky differed from that for Rambo, the basic idea remained the same; to sweat out regularly at the gym for hours. For the leaner look in Rocky, he used metabolic conditioning circuits while for the well-built Rambo look, he worked out six days a week using traditional methods. He also had the services of two time Mr. Olympia winner, Franco Columbo, to help him with his training sessions in some of the movies.

The training program made by Franco for Stallone was based on a two-day double split. In the morning, he worked on his chest, backs and abs while in the afternoon, he performed shoulders, arms and abs exercises, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, he would train the calf and thigh muscles in the morning, and rear delts, traps and abs in the afternoon. As a result, he gained 10 lb of muscles in six weeks.

The Diet
Sylvester Stallone works out like a machine and diets accordingly, fuelling the body with high-protein diet when required. He starts the day with a glass of liquid amino acids while the breakfast consists of two eggs, fruits and toasted breads. For lunch and dinner, he usually eats salad, broiled fish or skinless chicken, fruits and steamed spinach. Stallone generally avoids red meat and alcohol.

Determination is the key to the success of Stallone’s physique. As he said, “you become so focussed, so channelled that you are going to enhance your performance at a supernormal level”.