The Newest Buzz in Weightloss: Yacon Syrup



Extracted from the root of the yacon plant comes Yacon syrup, which has proven to slim waistlines, reduce body mass index, and lead to weight loss. Yacon syrup has been used by ancient South Americans for its nutritional properties especially by people with diabetes or other digestive disorders. The syrup is a sweetener with a low-glycemic index that tastes like molasses. It’s sweet taste won’t spike your blood sugar and cures a sweet tooth, with half the calories of sugar, and without leading to the consumption of empty calories.

Yacon syrup promotes the absorption of nutrients by helping maintain healthy digestive cultures in your body. It also helps to speed up your metabolism by increasing “skinny bacteria” in your body. In addition, Yacon is a healthy source of potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, and over 20 amino acids.

Including Yacon syrup into your diet is quite simple. Treat Yacon Syrup like any other sweetener, just add it to: coffee, tea, dressings, any recipe that requires sweetener can be substituted with Yacon Syrup.

You many ask how this is different than other products? A recent study was released of Dr.Oz’s patients. Of the 33 that participated, 29 of the women lost weight. Their average weight loss was 3 lbs per person. In addition, the women noticed their waistlines slimming.

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