Vin Diesel – Bulletproof Shoulders

The first thing that one notices about the gigantic six-packed body of Vin Diesel (officially Mark Sinclair Vincent), weighing about 215 lbs and six feet tall frame, are the impressive shoulders. Famous for his anti-hero on-screen characters that he played, the actor embraced his place in the industry as the bullet-dodging, head-busting hero. The impressive gym in Vin Diesel’s garage gives an idea about how seriously he takes his workout sessions.

Vin Diesel uses the traditional methods of bodybuilding to maintain his overall muscular mass. After that the actor switches to faster, more agile techniques like free-running and fight training to burn away the fats. Let us take a look at the workout session in detail:

The workout plan
Vin Diesel’s weekly workout session includes three days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) of scheduled activities. Before he starts training he warms up for 5 minutes on the treadmill everyday. On Mondays, Vin Diesel works out on his shoulders and chests using dumbbells and barbells. For his shoulders he performs exercises like dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell halos, incline dumbbell fly and push ups as long as possible. Vin Diesel trains his back on Wednesdays using methods like deadlift, wide grip cable row, bent over dumbbell row and pull ups. On Fridays, the actor works out his legs and arms. The techniques involved are incline dumbbell curl, standing hammer curl, triceps rope extension, leg press, lunges, standing calf raise and close grip push ups.

Vin Diesel performs free hand and cardio exercises like swimming and biking to acquire fat-free muscles. To get the flexible and agile look, he does yoga and Pilates.

The Diet Plan
To maintain such a tremendous shape, Vin Diesel follows a comprehensive diet plan. He balances his diet with a mix of food items from all nutritional groups, which include protein, carbohydrates, multivitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids. Organic protein source like soy fortified foods and egg white are consumed by Vin Diesel. He also takes lean beef (about 500g) and chicken. The actor gets his carbs from vegetables and fruits.

Vin Diesel follows the age-old dieting regime of eating 6-8 smaller meals than 3 proper ones per day.