Winter Workout- What Not To Do










A health conscious person will not give up their work out schedule based on weather conditions. Be it cold, dark or freezing cold, a person determined to lose weight and stay fit, will brave it all. However, there are a few risk factors involved in working out during winter season.

Here is how you can avoid these risks and make the most of the chilliest season of the year!

  • Wear comfortable sweats when working out during the winter season. Also keep in mind the condition (darkness). Opt for sweats that have reflective strips on the legs and arms, but not on the torso or back. This is important because, when you are jogging or running outdoors, it will be easier for others, especially drivers to view you.
  • Do not over bundle when being active outdoors during chilly winters. You will start sweating. This will only dampen your clothes and make you fall sick in the process. The worse that can happen is getting diagnosed with hypothermia. Opt for something that you will wear during warmer weather.
  • Another thing you should completely avoid, when going outdoors for running, walking or jogging in winter season is carrying your mobile phone. Place your phone someplace dry and away from sleet, rain or snow. One thing you can do is wear waterproof pants or jacket with zippers, where you can safely keep your phone.
  • Winter rain is a common thing in many parts of the country. Given to the fact that a health or fitness freak, will not use the weather condition as an excuse for not working out, he/she is bound to go for a run. This will cause the person to get his/her sneakers or trainers all soggy in the process. Don’t dry them on top of a radiator, as the heat will melt the shoes’ glue. Instead, try stuffing your trainers with newspaper!
  • Avoid the steam room immediately after a workout session. If you really need to use the steam room, first find out whether it is clean or not. Also make sure to use clean flip-flops and towel.

Why let the season be your ‘winter-workout-failure’s’ reason?!